Every year the parish council agrees a budget for grants to be awarded to organisations that benefit residents of Bitton Parish.  The budget for 2022/23 is £2,000 and a grant to any one applicant is normally made in the range of £100 – £500.

It may be possible to apply for larger amounts.  If your request is more than this, please contact the Clerk.

Grant applications are considered twice annually in March and September.

If your organisation wishes to apply for a grant and you can meet the following eligibility criteria, please complete and post/email the grant application to the clerk.


  1. The amount of grant payable to any organisation will be determined by Bitton Parish Council.
  2. That any grant awarded should not exceed 50% of the sum required by the voluntary organisation for the purpose stated in its application.
  3. That where a grant is awarded, the organisation concerned should be able to demonstrate that it had clear plans for raising the remainder of the necessary finance.
  4. That the applying organisation should be a properly constituted voluntary body and should be either based wholly in Bitton Parish or able to demonstrate to the Council’s satisfaction that a significant number of its beneficiaries are residents in Bitton Parish.
  5. That the organisation concerned should demonstrate that it was providing a service outside the scope of or in addition to normal public or private provision.
  6. That organisations applying would need to provide a set of independently examined accounts for the previous financial year (except in relation to new organisations).
  7. That a condition of any grant be that the Parish Clerk would reserve the right, on behalf of the Bitton Parish Council, to verify that the grant had been used for the purpose authorised.
  8. That grants or donations were not payable to organisations or charities operating abroad, as stipulated by Section 137 of the Local Government Act, 1972.
  9. That grants or donations could not be utilised to “sponsor” named individuals, e.g. aspiring sportsmen, etc as stipulated by Section 137 of the Local Government Act, 1972.
  10. That all organisations that are awarded a grant from Bitton Parish Council return a monitoring form within 6 months advising the Council how the project has gone and how the money was spent.